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    Originally Posted by Rob Low
    Melo is in LA working out with Chandler and Lin right now and will be playing with Chandler on the US team

    All 3 players were elected to participate by the NBA.... not Knicks captain Melo

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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    The week after we sign Stat he was at the Knicks gym working out with his new Knicks teammates. Stat took a trip to Isreal that same offseason, when he returned from Isreal, a week later Stat was at the gym working out with his new Knicks teammates who also returned from their summer vacation (Gallo & W.Chandler).
    We started the 2010-11 season off slow b/c our starting PG-Felton did not show up at the Knicks gym to workout with any of his new Knicks teammates during the offseason. The Knicks started winning consecutively when they put a familiar lineup on the court that worked-out in the summer .... Stat, W.Chandler, Gallo, Fields, TD, and a Felton practicing the pick n roll with Stat during games.

    Melo and JR.Smith been teammates the past 6 to 7 seasons.... it was hard to tell when both were in Knicks uniforms this season.... it was Shump performance that had JR.Smith bring energy to the court not Melo.
    The Knicks finished the season with a league 2nd best 18-6 record. Don't you think Melo's play had just a little bit to do with that success? At no time did this team ever have a stretch of success like that before with that lineup of players you listed above. I am of the belief that with a full training camp together playing under the same coach who led them to that great finish to the regular season last year, that this team is going to have their best season win-tally wise in over a decade in 2013. & I believe Melo is going to be a key component of that.

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    I think Knicks should target OJ Mayo or Randy Foye to start at SG while Shump is out; I also would target Jonny Flynn or Kirk Hinrich to play PG.

    I think if we get Foye we should still have some MLE cash for Hinrich. However, if we get Mayo we probably would have to settle for Flynn.

    Mayo + Flynn


    Foye + Hinrich

    Go with the youth... the kids with enormous potential/upside... players about to enter their prime; or go with the vets, players in their prime who will give you production, but serve as role players?

    Our back court situation (unknown asset in LIN & an injured SHUMP) seriously needs an overhaul. I don't care if Smith & Douglas walk. We have to snag 2 of these 4 aforementioned players.

    If we end up with LIN & MAYO, we could just get lucky where both players bloom & become legit stars. Not NBA all-stars, but just solid #3 options... And with our star-studded front court, this is exactly how you beat MIA.

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