Now that all of this Bird Rights nonsense is out of the way, we should have the flexibility to sign one or two quality free agents.

The two that I'd really like to see come here are Nash and/or Odom.

If we needed to use the full MLE on Nash that'd be fine in my opinion.

We need a point that has the authority and know-how to distribute the ball to Melo and Amare where they like it, while also getting everyone else involved.

Lin could play the two, or come off the bench.

Although Woodson isn't exactly Nash's ideal coach to play for, I think the attraction of playing in the city where he makes his home, where his kids go to school, is a big selling point for him. He also, to put it very simply, loves NYC.

I think he'd relish the opportunity to go to war with Amare again and to have a bonafide scorer in Melo to draw assists from, as well as a center behind him on D who can erase some of his defensive mistakes.

We should really try to pursue Nash guys. Our window to win it all is right now. Nash's window is closing and we're on the cusp with him in the fold.

He'd be great to have on this team.