I know it's not easy but people are taking this so out of proportion. We WILL match any offer for Lin, Jr Smith & Novak will most likely not get offers that exceed ours/we can't match. Jeffries is a lock to be back if he is healthy, if not we go after K Mart who is slipping through the cracks big time.

Kidd is now choosing between us and the Mavs, but if we don't get him we can grab Camby or Foye with the MLE.

My perfect offseason would be:
- give up on nash, let the raps over pay him and Fields
- Construct a sign & trade for OJ Mayo (who would have a cheaper salary than the one desgined for Nash) and is also falling through the cracks
- Sign Kidd to MLE or vets min - which he has stated may take
- Add a big man (K Mart - BAE)
- Resign Jr Smith, Novak, Lin, Jeffries

Everyone is just panicking because other teams are going crazy! The plan has always been:
1. Resign our players
2. Get a backup PG
3. Grab more depth a SG and a big man

Let's let the team do their work, it's still A WEEK till teams can actually sign players. Give Grunwald his time people.