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He will be back as starter until Shump is back. I like it as you all know I am down for JR like CA7 is down for Melo. In terms of being good for the team this is great also.

Sometimes you make addition by subtraction getting rid of Landry will pay off in the long run. If Lin leaves I will be upset only because we were not able to trade him. I am all for signing Lin and then flipping him to the highest bidder after we are eligible to trade him. IMO he will be a backup at best , I hope I am wrong for the sake of our franchise
I support JR as well, he can sometimes be a bonehead and take those uncalled for shots but overall he is a decent athletic player, if we were to put Jr in the starting lineup who is coming off the bench at the SG position, since Shump is out untill January? we have absolutely nobody lol.

When shump returns he will still be rusty and would still have to regain his form back. I wouldn't mind seeing a Felton, JR, Shump, Novak lineup off the bench until Shump is ready for his starting role back.