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I feel you nothing like being able to rest Chandler and have Camby in there instead of STAT or Jeffries protecting the rim

Prince's deal is bad for Detroit because they suck and no matter how good he plays they wont be any better

He could really help us as a 3/4 off the bench playing off of our 1-2 Punch in STAT and Melo well, hits the corner 3, can defend, great glue guy.

If Camby somehow took the BAE, Kidd MLE(3mil) and the scrubs for Prince that would be ****ing awesome
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We need Camby to allow our defense to hold up when TC is on the bench, last year i begged god every game to not let him get in early foul trouble. Plus Princes contract is horrible isn't it?

Repped, both good post

To add on Jeffries goes through injury problems alot in the season and Tyson tends to get in foul trouble most of the time as stated, sometimes Tyson has to even tone down his defense just so he can keep himself in the game which makes us more vulnerable in the paint. Now Chandler can remain a little more aggressive knowing he has legit backup insurance that can spare him at least 25 minutes per game. Come playoff time Camby will be BIG for us, he's exactly the kind of Vet big you want coming off the bench to keep the defensive presence in the paint down low and Rebound the ball (9 RPG last season).

Some people complain about his age, yes this is not the 90's anymore and Camby has slowed down but a (38) year old Camby off the (bench) is a MAJOR improvement down low for us. He's not going to Get you alot of points but he does covers alot of weaknesses we had coming off the bench which was an interior defensive presence and Rebounding.