Shooting Guards and Point Guards to look out for

Gary Forbes- friends with Melo and JR, fills a void, Houston is going to acquire him soon could make something happen

Dahntay Jones- another former Nugget, Pacers may loo to shed salary

Terrence Williams- Igoudala-lite.....All potential limited progress, could be a great signing for us, he idolizes Magic Johnson and loves differing

Josh Selby- Memphis drafted Tony Wroten and will play him with Conley and Allen. Selby while loaded with potential wont find the opportunity in Memphis also they like Lester Hudson. Could be a steal and he's also one of Melo's boys

Walker Russell Jr.- He'll likely start for us in Summer League and if proves he can make good decisions and handle a team he can be a very good 3rd PG who plays every 10 days and plays about 10 minutes on back to backs to help spell Kidd