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The deal was 58mill/4years or 78mill/5 years, Net's still deciding. Either way that's an absolute joke. They could get him for much cheaper and not one team has reached out to him.

I thought Tyson was overpaid, Hibbert's & Lopez's contract are making Amare's look normal.
Oh. I guess Wargames might have just punched in the right number, I read it as 78/8, which is actually rather affordable per year, but way too long.

In any case Lopez hasn't proven himself to be this good yet...if the Nets give him that sort of money, they're going to suck in about 5 years. I don't think Lopez is actually that good (numbers look good cause there aren't many good centers in the NBA to guard him anymore, fortunately we have two of them), and Joe Johnson is going to SUCK in another 2 years or so.

Have fun Deron!