man i don't care if money ain't a priority to the Knicks. Matching something Landry is not worth is terrible, the Raptors used him to prevent us from getting Nash and were thinking about matching? no way lol im not with that at all, i cringe with the thought of Fields being our starting SG again. Landry does 2 things well CUT TO THE BASKET and REBOUND, the dude is a ghost in the playoff's this is bonehead move to me if it's matched.

The only way i match this is if they agree to S&T gadzuric for a 1st round pick and Ed davis or Gary Forbes
we can't do a S&T because landry is not a raptor and at this point we are looking for a cheap wing who can rebound and defend in the starting lineup. So you really want jr swish to be our starting SG? landry provides at least that. at this point the Knicks don't care because the endorsements from Lin's popularity will take care of of the luxury tax payments 100 times over