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I feel you.

The dramatic turn-around wasn't enough?

From one of the wrost defenses to one of the best?

Fielding the DPOY?

Melo's resurgence?

Lins' discovery?

The 18-6 record under Woody?

Those Blow-out, All-cylinder clicking games we had under Woody, when we throttled the competition?

None of things convinced him?

The addition of savvy vets?

A full training camp?

A healthier STAT?

SAS's biggest issue is with Amare and Lin... with good reason. Lin, while he had a good run, can't really be seen as a legit starting PG until he does it for an extended amount of time. Plus there are some things he needs to work on to be a consistent quality PG.

Amare took a step back last season and unless he regains some of his power, he's just an above average PF thats never been known to rebound much. Compare that to Kris Kardashian and there isn't much separation of talent.

I don't think SAS is giving the Knicks enough credit vs the Nets, but I understand some of the issues he has. Not sure why he doesn't factor in Kidd and Camby as definite strengths to the bench because if you really think about it, we'll have probably the best backup (true pg), best backup center and the best 3pt shooter coming off the bench.