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They aren't blowing anything up. Rose will be back eventually and they were still a solid team with him not playing. I believe their record was something like 20-7 when he did not play.

As long as they have Deng and Noah they are competetive enough to make the playoffs. Really their team is so well coached by Tibs that it is like it doesn't matter who is on the floor they just give it their best.

Boozer can be amnesty cut but without Rose they need all the offense they can get so I doubt they amnesty Boozer right now or anytime soon.

Maybe next year they will look to trade or cut him.
not blowing it up in the sense of blowing up their core but they are not keeping their pieces anymore is more of what i meant key pieces that helped them attained that #1 record while rose endured injuries the entire season

Korver-----traded to the hawks
Osik------offer likely not matched gone to houston

with rose out for half a season and no true second go to guy i don't see them being no higher than a 6th seed at best i don't think hinrich will provide much but keep the boat steady till rose gets back but then what?

and keep in mind they are still trying to shop deng for a more reliable wing/scorer/picks i don't know what they are doing in chicago i don't understand why they are not going after howard it does not make any sense to me