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I think Howard only stated that he would agree to sign it & the Cavs have stated they would only take bynum if he's willing to sign an extension but i can see the deals getting done either by the weekend or monday.. so far things seem to be falling into place. Honestly i'm glad to see Howard out the East good news for the eastern conference bad news for the west lol

The Cavaliers are eager to acquire Andrew Bynum in a three-way trade with the Lakers and Magic involving Dwight Howard, but they are not prepared to move forward without an assurance from Bynum.

"Cleveland will only do the deal if Bynum extends," a league official directly involved in the talks told Yahoo! Sports.

The Lakers want the framework of a trade to be agreed upon before the Cavaliers begin engaging Bynum on an extension.

Via Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports

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What kind of money do the knicks have left to get an SG?

What kind of SG could we get with our money

Foye, Chris DR...uh
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Bellinelli -- Knicks/Bulls interested
Foye-- Knicks interested
Pietrus-- Boston still interested
Brewer-- Knicks interested if he were to accept vet min (acknowledged the possibility of returning to the bulls at a lower price)
Jodie meeks-- Talked to Knicks/Bulls (prefers bi ann or mid level)
CJ miles-- Bulls shown interest
Delonte West-- Bulls shown interest
Willie Green
Josh Howard

All those players are still available... who's taking the vet min? Probably nobody we really want... i wouldn't even be surprised if we didn't sign a SG at all.

I was against trying to sign Brewer because he cant shoot, but now that i think about it we need more defensive athletic bodies on this team if we can sign Brewer for vet min i'd be satisfied. Were going to need more defensive bodies if were going to have any chance of stopping teams like the Heat and Thunder (Brewer is ideal) eventually we would be able to throw out a lineup of




Well balanced scoring and Defense from the starters and Bench.