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to be honest with you, we CAN get a good player like Foye, Bellinelli or Brewer but what will they do when Shumpert comes back? Play 5 min a game?

It might just be better if we let Kidd play minutes at the 2 when J.R isn't there and when kidd and J.R get tired just let White fill in some minutes.....I also remember melo playing spot minutes at the 2 when Woodson took over.
Shumpert won't be 100% once he returns, his minutes will definitely be limited likely for the rest of the year. Foye or Brewer would still get a large role with the team and may be convinced to sign. They could be showcased on a Knicks team that will certainly get plenty of attention, and use this season as a contract year. I really think we should avoid Bellinelli though, his defense is way too shaky.