For SG spot:

This is where we stand right now

THe money is drying up and some guys might be had for the vet min that will most likely just sign a 1 year deal in NY for the exposure to get a bigger contract the following season.

Targets are in order of importance:

Randy Foye
Sonny Weems
Maurice Evans

If we can get Roye for the vet minimum, which his agent said Roye would refuse weeks before, then he would be the ultimate steal. The money is drying up and the market is not as favorable for some guys.

Weems looked really good in some youtube clips from his last season with the Raptors where he averaged 9 ppg in only 23 min a game...BETTER THAN FIELDS! lol....and he had nice clips from his European team he played with last season.

IF Weems can improve the jumper, then he will be another steal at vet min. I believe he is better than FIelds without the jumper. Faster, more atheltic, stronger and is a better finisher.

Evans is the last choice, in case Foye and Weems have no shot of signing here for vet min. Evans would just ply spot minutes when J.R is tired and when Kidd played enough minutes at the 2 spot. Evans can knock down the outside shot, which is probably his only value at this point. I fear Evans is similar to Roger Mason and he will come to NY and shoot 10 % from downtown like Mason did which made me shake my head in disbelief.