And what's up with Donte Greene only getting a non-guaranteed deal with the Nets? I read it may be nothing more than a training camp invite...Really? 6'11" with that talent and that amount of upside? We're talking about a player that has a good chance to be an even better version of Tim Thomas here. Wow..See this pisses me off a little -- if Glen would've called Greene's agent and offered a guaranteed vet min. deal, even for 1 yr, we probably could've gotten this guy. Would've been a real nice young player that we could've picked up cheap to backup both STAT and Melo. We had a little bit of a bidding war with the Nets last off-season over Shawne Williams and lost out. Now we have a chance to get a far superior player for even less money and we pass??? Huh?? Watch -- we passed on Greene, won't get DJ White, pass on McCants etc. and start the season with Chris Copeland (looks like there's some talent there but let's be honest, the dude's practically a complete unknown) and Chris Smith..Oh yeah, and Kurt Thomas who's about 100 years old...Come on man..I gotta give the Nets a lot of credit -- they're really being aggressive retooling that team. Us on the other hand--I dunno man, I feel like we've gotten complacent a little bit all of a sudden. I don't think we're good enough to let a talent like Donte Greene go to a division rival like that for basically nothing. How did we not get involved in that?? Someone explain it to me. For the amount of money we're talking about here, I look at adding a talent like Donte Greene as a complete no-brainer.