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Williams was just waived by the Houston Rockets.

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I like him. 6'10", very athletic, always a very good shot-blocker, decent enough rebounder and from watching him in quite a few D-League games, his Israel clips etc., he's come a long way offensively. He can score around the hoops well and he's even developed a little mid-ranger jumper with some decent touch...Had a little cup of coffee with the the Mavs last year that didn't amount to anything...The Celtics then had him I believe, Houston, and now he's on the verge of clearing waivers and becoming a FA. I think he could be a nice athletic big-man to backup Amar'e. Imagine the rim protection we'd have on this team next year with Tyson, Camby, Sean Williams and Amar'e (STAT's actually a very good shot-blocker if he dedicates himself to it). We get Williams, we would always have a shot-blocker on the court at all times, most of the times 2. Thoughts?
Yeah Sean Williams has major potential but will likely end up with the Heat in my opinion

Would be nice for him to learn from Camby and Chandler though