Josh Howard >>>> Sean Williams

Sean Williams is one of those Anthony Randolph type guys with potential,
who has never progressed beyond that. At least Ant-man came out of his
anthill last year for Minny during Love's breakdown. but Williams? meh!
that video is the most i've seen him do in years, and that was during garbage
time... don't mean sheeit.

Josh Howard was a VERY good player for years in Dallas, got hurt, and finally
got a chance in Utah, where he was hurting for a large portion of the season.
A healthy Howard can be a boon to the NYK bench, a quality player with skills
to score, defend and rebound.

Other than KMart, who has a bad attitude anyway, Amundsen, who wants too
much money, and Birdman, whose mind has flown the coop, I'd say Howard
is by far, the best man for the money Knicks have to offer.