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    Originally Posted by NYk_Reloaded718
    I thought this guy was done when we had him but his poor play in NY a couple of yrs ago may have just been a product of too much hype & too much being expected at that time on a poor team. If you look at this ATL clip of him last yr however...WOW...I see a guy that can help us, esp. given the fact that we may be down a SG or 2 to start the yr. The supreme athleticism he once had is no longer there but man, he looks like he can still score the ball in a variety of ways (not much has changed -- mid-range, off the dribble, in the post, running the floor, etc.) and still play a little defense too (the clip showed him blocking shots of Jerryd Bayless and Austin Daye I believe -- one smaller, much quicker guy than he and one guy a good 2-3 inches bigger, on drives no less -- among some other nice defensive plays).

    Unlike the first time around, he wouldn't have to be anything close to 'the man' here -- he'd probably be relegated to 4th, 5th, maybe even the 6th or lower option on offense...All he'd have to do is fill in with some quality mins -- knock down some open looks, put it on the floor a little when it's there & play some defense. Check, check and check...Looks like he can still do all of that... Looks like he may have played in every game for the Hawks last yr too (albeit in an abbreviated season) -- pre-season into the playoffs. If he can hold up physically (playing the whole season last yr and into the playoffs is a pretty good indicator), both he and JR Smith could be a nice combination at the 2 until the reinforcements are ready. Sometimes certain vets look like they're done for one reason or another, only to come back strong further down the road and prove they still had a little (or a lot) left. Antonio McDyess comes to mind. J Kidd in Dallas does too..Hey, why not man. Looks like a nice match -- a good situation for us and for Tracy. I like it.
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