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    Originally Posted by Kidd Karma
    Don't think you need to buyout Thomas to add DJ White. I think White might be of better value, as he as a 12-15th guy most of his career, will play with a motor. KMart is name value, but he's more of been there done that, give me the last time.
    Right, you wouldn't have to currently but in my scenario you do. On my 15-man, I'd be looking to add a younger replacement for KT (DJ White - carrying DJ White AND KT would be redundant), another SG for depth (McGrady or one of those younger cats), keep Copeland or sign Shawne Williams (their choice) and pick up another young center with nice potential for insurance in Marcus Cousin (what happens if Camby breaks down? He always does. Plus, Chandler wasn't playing at 100% with the wrist problem about the last 1/3 of the season and it was a short year too). Those 3 additions plus the others make 15.
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