I know people are annoyed by trade scenarios but I believe this one is realistic and something like this might happen.
So I am looking at 3 teams that all want to make big moves...Lakers, Rockets, and Magic.

These teams can do a 3 way trade that I believe can work for all sides.

Check this out...the salaries match, every team gets what they want.

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Magic get: Bynum and Kyle Lowry

Lakers get: Howard and Scola

Rockets get: Pau Gasol

Rookies and draft picks can also apply to sweeten the pot.

Magic might lose Jameer Nelson who opted out as a FA and need a PG instead of Duhon/ Lowry will be a starter on a team with Bynum. They would most likely take back Bynum for Howard.

Lakers need to make a move and get rid of Gasol. They would get back Dwight and fill the whole at PF for Scola who is a crafty power forward.

Rockets get rid of Lowry who wants out and get a better PF in Pau Gasol. The Rockets would be a good team with Dragic, Gasol, and the other players on their roster and they wouldn't mind Gasol's salary because they want to make the playoffs at any cost.