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One piece away from a title? The Knicks????

Nobody is touching Miami in the next 3-4 years.

Oklahoma are a pretty dang good team and the Heat just brushed them aside.

Now that the pressure is gone Miami will just dominate like the 90's Bulls.

You don't even need to dream about a championship for the next couple of years.

Knicks fans gotta be the most deluded fans in the world, well probably alongside Cowboys, Eagles and Jets fans......

Unless Lebitch blows his knee out or Wade has an accident - all the remaining 29 teams can play for is second for the next couple of years.

And even if and when Miami will start to slowly fade away (in 2016, 2017 or whenever) Teams that got Durant, Griffin, Anthony Davis etc. will battle for the title and I doubt that the Knicks will be one of those.

Just rewatch this year's first round series, the Heat wiped the floor with us despite being under bucketloads of pressure. What do you think they'll do to us now, where the pressure is gone?

Get real, please for your own sake.
-- minus the happy face.

Especially with the way Woodson will likely coach and style our team. I agree 100% -- we need miracle/tons of help that's out of our control.

I wouldn't discount the potential impact Nash can make for us, though. If every single thing breaks are way:

*we get Nash for a bag of balls, and he performs like he did last year

*Lin becomes a clutch, all-star level player

*Shumpert returns as a top defensive stopper with some more polished offensive game

*Novak repeats the amazing season he had last year

*Amare plays like the Amare we got when we signed him

*Melo plays like prime Melo + added maturity

*TyChan stays healthy like he did last year (nobody likes to mention anymore how injury prone has been for a lot of his career)

If all of this happens, and Woodson coaches to his absolute best......I'd think we'd have a punchers chance, assuming MIA also does not continue to make improvements (eg signing a healthy Ray Allen).

If we don't get Nash, it's equal parts hubris and naivety about just how good Lebron is (which has been the case for yrs); and over-estimating our players relative to other top teams, without banking on major things breakning our way (re: Melo and Amare playing together, Amare playing like Amare, and Melo....not playing like Melo).