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    Originally Posted by Oldtimer
    There is always the risk of an injury that could substantially impact a potential $24M contract with the Knicks or perhaps a backloaded contract with the the Raptors approaching $40M. Then again, is he concerned that he will not look good in that very talented company?

    It is the safe thing to do, but also a little bit cowardly.

    the same reason why people after a while started to question whether or not he could've given us something during the playoffs but backed down in order not to hurt his stock vs Miami

    what would reports of him getting owned vs other Olympians do to his market value?

    I'm slowly starting to question his competitiveness and confidence afrter these past few months

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    It is against the rules to play for the U.S.A. Select team while being a FA. It has nothing to do with Lin not wanting to play. The fact that he isn't on a NBA team is what made him withdraw against his own wishes from the team. If Dolan offered him a decent contract from the get go, playing on the Select team would've been another motivation for Lin the resign quick. By Dolan letting time pass and giving other teams a chance to set the price for Jeremy Lin, he is hurting his own wallet because now it is being exposed that Lin is going to be paid much more than what was expected. By giving him an early contract, no one would've or could've guess how much his worth would go up to.

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