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SF-Novak is a peremeter KEEPER who boxout well for defensive-rebound .... Jorts, Jordan, Stat, and Tyson are our BANGERS....
Novak performance graded a B+ in regular season, and a B in the playoffs .. Novak passed the ball when defended tight by Lebron/D.Wade rather than shoot 3-15 like JR.Smith being defended by Charmers in the playoffs.
I'm aware of the type of player Novak is. Like I said the Knicks are letting the market dictate Novak & Lin's pricetags, & they both might be priced out of our range depending on what other teams offer them (backloaded contracts & such). We all love both those guys & everyone including me hopes we can hold onto both, but we have to be smart about this, can't just match any ridiculous offer they get with no thought whatsoever of the future ramifications of doing so.

Tolliver is a serviceable player. I know he's not nearly the 3 pt shooter that Novak is but he also brings other things to the table. Even as an addition to Novak, I wouldn't mind signing this guy to our roster. Would be sort of a poor man's JYD. Do a little of all the dirty work & isn't afraid to mix it up with guys on defense (that poster of Amar'e on him was simply nasty, but guys like Novak don't get posterized because they don't stick their nose in on defense to even be in that position either).