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I'm not sure about Tolliver. Yeah he's serviceable but he had a subpar season last yr for the Wolves -- shot only 39% overall, 25% from 3 and is only a 32% 3-pt shooter for his career. That ain't great considering the one thing this guy's known for is his 3-pt shooting. I think we could do better.

The best veteran 'stretch 4' guys out there appear to be Ilyasova, Ryan Anderson, Boris Diaw and Donte Greene. Not sure if any of these guys are in our price range though. Of these 4 Greene intrigues me the most -- youth, upside, and he might come the cheapest.
Ryan Anderson will garner a full MLE offer somewhere at least, we won't be able to match it. Boris Diaw is a guy I would welcome too & is a good plan B option if we miss out on Novak. I think he could probably be had for the mini MLE, but the Knicks seem determined to find either a fill in for Shump or a backup PG with that money. We might be stuck looking at veteran's minimum candidates if some team comes in & steals Novak away from us with a crazy offer. Donte Green is a worse 3 pt shooter than Tolliver is statistically.