Sorry, I didn't know where to post this, and since we have a Jason Kidd only thread I thought we'd concentrate all Nashness herein.

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Steve Nash, meanwhile, and the Knicks are working with the Suns to complete a sign-and-trade deal that would bring Nash to New York. Indications are the Knicks are his top choice, but because a trade is complicated (and there is great hesitation to give up Iman Shumpert), the Raptors are in play. A lot of effort has been made, however, to get this done.

Conspirators Unite:

Considering that the Knicks have shown interest in Sonny Weems, the Raptors are very interested in Lin and have signed Fields to an over-exorbitant contract........

Is Grunwald in cohorts with the Raptors to avoid a sign and trade with Phoenix that'll bring us DeRozan, Weems and Nash?

That's purely speculative, but the bolded quote from Hahn suggests that there has been some rendezvousing going on here, no?

Are the Suns, on the other hand, making their play for Iman Shumpert in a 3 way trade consisting of a Nash - Lin swap from Toronto to obtain Shumpert?


Either way, it does say that Nash wants NY.

Now I'm getting anxious.