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Williams had one average NBA season and the rest were terrible. He's not NBA material. Neither is Quincy Douby. I don't know if the Knicks are taking this NBA Title hunt seriously because they're wasting time with E level talented players.

A level = LeBron/CP3/Durant/Melo
B level = George/Gasol/Horford/Curry
C+ level = Rubio/Shumpert/MKG/Sanders
C level = Felton/Redick/Delfino/Okafor
D+ level = Shved/Young/Evans/Anderson

D level = Novak, Haddadi, Anthony Carter...

Williams and Douby don't even qualify for D level guys...why are we downgrading? Chris Smith competes with these bums.
Shump is definetly better than C+...albeit not currently the A quality most Knick fans have him at now, but for sure higher than a C+ just off his D alone....but we'll save that for another friendly Knick debate...now to the issue at hand!


Frankly we can't afford top tier talent, so we need to try to turn something out of nothing. This is what the new CBA has forced teams like us who are over the cap to revert to!

Look both Prigioni and Copeland would have made your below D level list before last season and they became C players (if you will) so that's what we have to do!

Rookies and cheap Free Agents are at a all time high in terms of demands.

Look if Williams or Douby (however you spell dudes name) were worth anything then they would not be working out for us but rather would be preparing negotiating deals July 1st....expect workouts from more lowly players in the coming months

Gotta find that diamond in the rough!

Bulls fans probably did not think much of Nate Robinson signing yet he was a difference maker

Spurs fans probably thought of Danny Green as just a filler

Eddy Curry got an audition with San Antonio when we all knew that Ernie Johnson had more of a chance to make the team, but as a GM you gotta give it a shot even though Greg Popovich and Eddy Curry would mix like a broke dude and a gold digger!

What's the worst that happens? Williams gets an invite to camp maybe a non-guaranteed minimum deal and is either waived or cut before season starts... absolute best case he gives us what he did under Dantoni; solid 3 pt shooting and sound D...

Look Earl Barron seems to always be on our team's radar despite never giving us anything relevant, Williams at least was a factor in getting us back to the playoffs, so why not!