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    Default Good teams win on the road.

    This season hasn't started yet but it's already interesting to see the new look Knicks operate on the floor.They do look great, but only at home.Starting this team on the road-will it hurt or help this team?

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    Default WTF!?

    Ok, someone needs to be straightened out!

    "Good teams win on the road" is wrong. It means the team is good but definatley doesn't measure how good a team acually is. They could get off being a good home team. They could also divide it up between home & road games. A good home or road prescence doesn't determine weather a team is good or not! It can change things a bit but doesn't make or decide a good team! Although I really think a strong presence could make a bit of a difference. The only thing the Knicks could really have is a strong home prescence. The Garden crowd is all I have to mention. That alone says it all. A team who wins road games will have more boos, which encourages some teams, and in ( the Knicks' case at least) home games have the crazy crowd going. This can change things slightly, but doesn't make a team good nor bad.

    Compliacted & counfusing, I was in a rush writing this so sorry, but you get my point!

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    Look for a definite increase of the homecourt advantage this year. After all of the articles I've read about Isiah, it's obvious that he wants to emphasize how MSG = NY = Knicks.
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