but from a business standpoint, JLIN already proved his worth from LINSANITY sales, Knicks t-shirts, Linsanity t-shirts, filled garden seats, filled arenas wherever he played, international rights to Knick games, etc. He has ALREADY made the Knicks org more money than they're going to pay him for the next four years.

that being said, what is Lin worth as a player? he showed the ability to score in the clutch and win games, he played defense, he got into the paint, he dished and swished and made a mediocre team without STAT, without MELO, into winners. he was able to dish to Novak, to Chandler, to STAT. with little to no experience!!!!!

whether or not he is a flash in the pan (wok joke), even if Lin is not capable of being the starting PG (something the Knicks need more than anything right now), who else is there for the money the Knicks have, that can do better than Lin did last year in his short but sweet insane stretch of magnificence? Felton? Sessions? Machado? Felton's numbers went down in Portland, Sessions faltered in the playoffs, and Machado is unproven macho college material.

Remember, Antoni was famous for driving his players into the ground ("i'll ride him like Secretariat"), and Lin saved his job (for the time being as it was), and played harder than any Knick (other than Chandler), on offense AND defense, no wonder he went down with injury.

Lin is EXACTLY what this club needs, the fact that the Knicks are ABLE to afford him, thanks to the early Bird rights ruling (not mention Dolan's mega-bucks), who give a flying f*ck about the salary cap implications and penalties? Not Dolan! Knick fans should rejoice in the fact we can have him on the team, if not as a first option, then a primo second. He is worth the money, from a business AND player (ie: professional) viewpoint.

IMHO. Amen.

PS: I voted yes