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    Default The five (5) guard tandem of...

    *Felt-Kidd-Prigioni-Shump-Smith (possibly)-TD (reluctantly) presents a very strong backcourt.

    There includes variations of:

    1. Ball Handling
    2. Shooting (both driving and 3's)
    3. Defense
    4. Leadership
    5. Speed
    6. Passing/Floor vision
    7. Athleticism
    8. Clutchness

    What we need with this group is:

    -For Felton and Kidd to play together consisently. I'll go as far (and on the record) as to say one will get major minutes at SG seeing as shump is hurt, Kidd can shoot the 3, and Lin was a SG and can dribble-penetrate/drive. JR is also versatile.

    -The rotation and match-up game is on Woodson he must explore this.

    -High on the priority list must be to have Kidd help coach-up Lin.

    *TD must get in where he fits in
    *Glad there is no need to consider Laundry folds

    I said having a cheap vet come in to coach is far-fetched unless he already won... Kidd fits the bill. Our entire season
    And years to come rests on Felton progressing to become one of the best.

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