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He can dunk, but oddly enough, he can't attack the rim. His handle isn't good enough. On wide open breakaway dunks, sure, he can attack the rim. If only those were worth more than 2 pts...

I used to follow him starting from when he was in college at Cincy. I wanted to see him make the league and get in the dunk contest so bad. Until I saw Gerald Green chin to the rim last year, White was the most explosive bball leaper I'd ever seen, yes even more explosive than MJ.

But I lost track of him and lost interest after realizing he's just not very good. Unless he improved dramatically over in Europe, he's just a sideshow circus act.

I hope I'm wrong. It looks like Green has polished his game up to become more than just a dunker, so maybe White has done the same...
Good assessment of White. Border line D-Leaguer that had a couple of cups of coffees in the NBA. White has always been a mystery to me, decent outside shot and can knock down the 3, great leaper but average speed with the ball because of his handle and as you say can't create his own shot.

He's 30 now and has kicked around Europe for a few years since his last NBA appearance, I am sure he's gotten better otherwise I don't think the Knicks would have brought him over but I doubt he's better than Landry.