PG-Deron Williams:I'll go back to hating him at the end of Olympics, can shoot and pass, will be dominate at times

SG- Durant: on oversized SG in International ball, will be our leading scorer

SF- Lebron: The best in the world at his position

PF- Melo: honestly no bias, I would also live w Love here, but w Dwight out, w need Melo's versitile scoring, Melo is more of a banger than Love plus has more FIBA experience

C- Tyson: obvious, no Dwight makes him starter by default, of course this is a pretty darn good sencond option, he'll anchor the Defense....although a small lineup with Love here would be lethal on the offensive end

Slight Hiccup

Kobe and his ego is on the team....does Coach K (a long time friend of his) have Kobe come off the bench? Probably not

So likely this is the starting 5

Deron Williams

Which I view as a little less affective.