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    Default I think Courtney Lee would be perfect here

    Looks like Kidd's a done deal - either we're giving him the non-tax MLE (starting at $3M, right?) or we're gonna pull off some kind of S&T with Dallas (what if Cuban doesn't want to trade with us though? That's what I don't get but whatever). Camby looks like the next priority -- same deal: salary exception or S&T, depending on how we acquire Kidd. I personally would've went for younger, cheaper and more dynamic players to fill in the cracks, but the Knicks were outspoken about adding vet talent at all costs and it looks like they're on the verge of at least adding it in the right places, so I'll give them credit.

    After securing Kidd (we're still gonna need 1 more low-cost PG - if Lin and/or Kidd ever break down we're in serious trouble -- look at last yr) and hopefully Camby (who, while pushing 40, still looks very productive btw -- 9 rpg and a block and a half in 22 mins is GREAT production -- good look here by the Knicks), if at all possible, I'd prefer to add a younger SG to balance things out a little. The position is in complete limbo right now. We need upgrading here in the worst way..I have a whole bunch of cheap options in mind for Summer League but just looking at the FA pool of NBA players, Courtney Lee really stands out. 6'5" 200, still young, very underrated player. Very solid.

    Thing is I believe he's a RFA -- I have a hard time seeing Houston giving up on him w/o any compensation (I like Daryl Morey's style -- he loves talented youngsters), even though they just drafted Jeremy Lamb to go along with Kevin Martin. Is there a way we could expand a Camby S&T scenario with the Rockets to include Courtney Lee? There's some assets here -- TD, Jerome Jordan, Harrellson, any of the 3 players we have stashed overseas, I believe we have the $3M cash to use again too.. If we could ever get Courtney Lee with Camby, that's a straight up coup. Exactly what we need right now. I'm not saying Courtney Lee's Kobe Bryant, I know that, but he's good and he's proved it over the past few yrs at the NBA level. Very good offensive player -- much better than what we had with Landry Fields -- this guy's a 40% 3-pt shooter and he can take it strong to the rim and run the floor. Perfect fit...Our 2G picture would suddenly look a whole lot brighter if we had Courtney Lee/JR Smith manning the position while we waited on Shumpert. If it came down to it -- I might forget all about Camby and focus on a S&T with Courtney Lee by himself just to make sure I got him. Then I'd look elsewhere for backup 4/5 and rim protection on the cheap -- Jeff Adrien's tough, long and a good rebounder; Greg Stiemsma's shown he could be a solid rim protector with mins.; Marcus Cousin's a well-rounded 7' we could get real cheap; we should be monitoring Sean Williams who's on Boston's summer league roster--I'd pounce if he doesn't stick there; former Wyoming shot-blocker Justin Williams in on Philly's SL team (this guy's a Keon Clark type that had some success in the NBA for Sacramento a few yrs ago); former UConn big Gavin Edwards is on Portland's SL roster--dude's 6'10" and always played hard off the bench for Jim Calhoun in college, etc.
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