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Yes because it means that both players WILL NOT ACCEPT MEDIOCRACY. LOSING IN THE FIRST ROUND EVERY YEAR TEACHES US THAT MELO IS FINE BEING MEDIOCRE in comparison to other "stars" and "superstars" in the league. As a fan of the NYK i do not accept just making the playoffs there better be an end game in mind and you should not accept being mediocre either because our best player is a high volume shooter that accepts getting his over WINNING

Lebron has gotten deeper in the playoffs with much less even made the Finals with a scrub team. Who is JR Starks?

Like I mentioned a ton on these threads, MELO did this to himself and should be judged accordingly. He has the team he wants (minus STAT) the coach he wants and the spotlight squarely on his shoulders LIKE HE WANTS. Therefore anything less than and ECF appearance is FAILURE
I accept losing in the first round if there are legitimate circumstances.

I don't think comparing Melo to Lebron is fair. First, Lebron is a better player. Second, Lebron gets everyone involved. He has no problem making the right basketball play at the expense of attempting a game winning shot. Lebron has taken less talent deep into the playoffs because he's played a whole season with them vs Melo playing 2 and a half months with the Knicks' second unit.

JR Starks is a nod to John Starks' infamous playoff game in '94 when he couldn't buy a shot against Houston. JR Smith is a streaky shooter and if he's your second go to guy we're in trouble.

Bright lights or not, to expect Melo to do it by himself is a failure in itself. He knows he can't do it by himself and has publicly called out his team for guys to step up.

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