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currently roasting the knicks saying the tandem of the deron williams /joe johnson is the best back court in the nba lopez is better than chandler as a scoring option and humpries is better than amare underrated intangibles south as defense and rebounding, said we didn't notice because we all were distracted with the kim kardashian stories

he says that he questions the knicks because of the health of amare due to his bad knees and bad back to much hope and should would couldas on the knicks roster and questions

if amare returns to form he goes on to say we would clearly be better than the nets and number 2 in the east but he questions his health and i.q

goes on to say no one is going to beat the heat with the addition of ray allen but if the trade were to go down between magic and heat brooklyn would realistically be the only team to give the heat run for their money

Also says that at best the knicks are a bottom 4 team list brooklyn, chicago, pacers, miami, and miliwalkee are better than knicks

Stephen A. Smith has lost his mind .. Lopez & Humphries dont equal half of Amare skills/talent.... Kidd & Lin offense will speed-up the tempo of each game so Amare could average his 16 FGA per game slashing to the hoop like "Karl Malone" shootin 55% from the FG, and 5 FTA from the line.
A happy scoring Amare rebounds, play defense, and stay healthy.

The Knicks nightmare is Shump ACL injury .. which makes matching Toronto & Houston offersheet to 6.7 Fields & 6.4 Lin a no-brainer vs 6.6 JJ & 6.4 Deron.

I still believe Ray Allan & Richard Hamilton need to retire to coaching in the NBA.