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    Originally Posted by elcol
    You're wrong actually. you have to look at the context of his post...
    He's listing things, just like listing ”buy eggs today” in a shopping is it fair to call that grammatically incorrect.

    Lists do not require complete grammatical accuracy. He is not trying to write an academic list yet you treat it like it is..on a knicks forum
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I've been beaten to it.
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    Resign is appropriate. Novak resigns his right to be a free agent. Ergo, he'll remain a knick.

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    Originally Posted by Knicks32

    Ok I goofed on the title.

    I honestly don't care most of the time when people make grammar/spelling errors. It's the internet. And it's a Knicks forum. We have some of the lowest educated fans out there

    BUT - when the meaning actually changes based on the word, and it isn't clear what the author means - then THAT is a problem!

    If Smith and Novak RESIGNED - that would be VERY BAD.
    But they re-SIGNED! That makes me happy!

    What if I hadn't read the actual forum message but only the title? And my reaction to that was jumping out the window of my building?

    I would look pretty foolish in the newspaper the next day - wouldn't I?
    If you base your news off forums you're already pretty foolish.

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