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    Default All things salary cap

    The NBA has announced that the salary cap for the 12-13 season is $58.044 million.

    The luxury tax level is set at $70.307 million.

    The cap is the same as it was for the 11-12 season.

    Read more:$58044M_Luxury_Tax_At_$70307M#ix zz20JqhL0ex


    Let's focus all things salary cap herein.

    Yet to hear the finalized total of combined Knick salaries.
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    knicks will be over the luxury tax level by more than 6 million when its all said and done.

    Doesn't matter to Dolan since all he has to do is raise cable prices by a mere $1 per household. Actually, the $$$ Lin will bring in will cover it 10x over.
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    Alan Hahn
    The NBA last night released its salary cap and luxury tax numbers for the 2012-13 season and, as it was said when the new CBA was reached in December, there were no changes from 2011-12. The cap is $58.044 million with the tax threshold starting at $70.307 million. A team that goes over the tax threshold must pay $1 for every $1 over. The Knicks will be taxpayers this season, with nine players (including the anticipated additions of Jason Kidd, Marcus Camby, Jeremy Lin, Steve Novak and J.R. Smith) under contract for $72 million. There are still at least four roster spots left to fill.
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