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    No doubt we will be PLAYOFF contenders but please no more championship aspirations. We are currently a good team but not great, in order to proclaim to be great we must hope Amare and Melo come back on a mission and Jeremy Lin not being a bust. Even with those things happening I can't see us beating Miami 4 times in a series. Boston is doable but Miami is the big fish that we need to get by and we will need to play at 100% of our full potentially in order to get to their level.

    Edit: Good thread and points but Miami has the best player on earth, a top 5 player, and a top 20 player along with elite shooters. We no doubt can challenge them for a full series but i cant see us winning more than 2 games against them. I like the optimism though it is warranted with our moves but don't underestimate just how dominant Miami is.
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