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  • Defensive centers - one to back the other.

    8 42.11%
  • Playmaking PGs - to back or play tandem.

    11 57.89%
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    Originally Posted by GoKnicks!
    let Lin and Kidd close with Melo, with Lin playing 2. Jr. should never come in the 4th.

    EDIT: Oh man does Kidd look like a grandpa in that pic.

    I like the idea of JKidd and Lin together in the fourth, like the way Kidd and JJ Barea/Terry would be in the fourth together.

    But, I'd have Lin run the point while Kidd plays the 2. Lin's penetrating ability gives the Knicks a better chance of getting a good shot, and Kidd has become a pretty good spot up 3 point shooter and so he could help spread the floor.

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    In response to your poll...the bigger need is play making PG since we have players that need a PG to be effective, especially Amare.

    However I believe we addressed both those issues with Kidd and Camby respectively.

    To the topic...Kidd is right that Lin would always play in one high paced gear. Lin would sometimes just crash into people and I always knew he would get hurt or be too tired. I admire Lin's hustle and his desire to win but you have to play smart and sometimes he would just run out of gas because of how he played the game.

    Kidd sounds already like a good mentor and was a high tempto PG like Lin is. But Kidd learned to play good in the half court and was effective on the championship Mavericks team.

    Kidd can teach Lin how to find players in certain spots. When to attack the rim, etc.

    Im stoked!
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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