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    Originally Posted by NewYorkInferno
    The only Knicks fans who would jump ship to the Nets would be the Jets/mets fans so that when someone asks them what teams they like they can save a few breaths and reply "I'm an ETS fan".
    Im a Jets fan, and I'd never leave the Knicks

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    Originally Posted by NY17KNICKS
    Im a Jets fan, and I'd never leave the Knicks
    Its a joke...

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    Originally Posted by Paul1355
    I agree with posters saying that the individiual X factor is Amare but the xfactor for the team is health. We just have to be healthy most of the season and especially in the playoffs.

    We haven't had a healthy starting lineup for a full series yet since Amare has been here. It is like we are cursed.
    True. And I think this could be solved by two X factors which are actually one: The Coaching Staff. If they realize that if Melo or Amare have a bad game, we still have a large variety of other tools in the box to win. We have plenty of other players that can play well and get real hot real fast. And players that are having a good game should play more. It just makes sense. That way we can moderate the time players are on the court.

    The players also have to realize this is a TEAM game. Even Wade (who has twice the titles and twice the personality of King LeBitch), realized he should push his ego aside and Let Lebron take center stage at major parts of the season.

    I believe it's about the ability of the players to concentrate on Making a "Good" Play. Not the one that wins the game, not the one that even scores, just a good play: grab the rebound, make the pass, fight on the boxout, Dunk the ball, whatever's needed at the moment. They are good players, if they manage to focus on the moment, not on the score, not on their stats, not even on their expectations of themselves, They will shine. Just Make the Good Play.

    (Alright, got a little Zen here... Sorry.)

    Now you can't have all players play every game in Zen mode, and this is why the real X factor is: Playing As A Team. When we incorporate more players in the game we are beasting, and we will put less strain on our fragile players.
    Woodson has to set it straight from day one, and keep reminding it every time he can.

    If Woodson gets the team on the right page, we can go places.
    Originally Posted by 2012
    If you want win NBA, you need beat all.

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