I am very impressed with James White and Art parakkhouski

White showed me he can take his man off the dribble, finish or look to hit the open man. His passing was exceptional for a 6-7 guard, he really has a feel for the game. I know it is summer league but he threaded a few nice passes that you only see PG's do. He made a contested jumpshot showing his game is not one dimensional.

I believe if he keeps playing like this in summer league he can impress enough to be the back up 2 guard.

He is also known as a lock down defender and he played good D today.

Chris Copeland has some moves but I believe he is more raw than White. White has a polished game and Copeland looks like a streak shooter but Copeland did provide some suprising defense that I enjoyed watching.

I expect right now that White has the best shot to play minutes right from the start of the season and Copeland will play garbage minutes.

Possible additions might be Parakhouski...if Mychal Thompson can knock down the outside shot consistently and have one break out game I believe we will take him first because we desperatly need a 2 that can hit the outside shot, no offense to White.

No one can ball handle on the Knicks summer league team so it is hard to watch a bunch of Toney Douglas type guards trying to orchestrate an offense. Very sloppy play that reminded me of street ball.

Maybe someone like Nivins, Witherspoon, Chris Smith or Russel Jr. can have better games and impress.

I was disappointed with Russel Jr. very erratic especially from someone who played some games in the NBA for the Pistons last season and had a few games where he played well. looked very raw.