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seriously why not just look to trade Amare for the next two years while u pay Lin 5 mil a year in year 1 and 2? What the hell is wrong with that?
A GM and coach (not to mention players and picks in the initial trade) have been sacrificed/dealt/moved to support Melo -- and Woodson -- and what is our "all in" move to support and yield a true contender capable of winning a championship (in the next three years).

This is Dolan's master plan (and obviously people like Melo, Woodson, and others, would support and believe in it, too). It is what it is, we are what we are, and this season will essentially be a referendum on everything.

Am I optimistic? No. Open minded? Yes. And I'll try not to rag on anything too hard till the season is underway.

But Amare isn't getting dealt, certainly not to make room for Lin. We wanted to let other teams bid for Lin first before making a move, and we now appear to not want to match what was offered. That's that.