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Raymond Felton got fat because he wasn't motivated.

He was in a place (Denver) where he played 2nd string to Ty Lawson. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the dude went from borderline all star status with us to afterthought the next. That's gotta mess with your psyche.

Next up, he went to Portland, a team that was projected to be great but fell apart due to injury (Roy and Oden....I wish all the best for Roy in Minny though, hope he turns it around). Slowly, that team began to fall into the crapper. Look back at the Blazer's past season. They ALL had bad years, save for Aldridge and I guess Batum. The whole entire team decided to blow it up mid season and Ray Ray knew he wasn't coming back to Portland.

When Felton was motivated, when Charlotte made the playoff push, when Amare and him dominated the P&R for half a season, the man was a warrior. Questionable shot selection, sure, but he was a bulldog.

Say what you want about Melo, but he wants to win, and being around Melo and Kidd will not lead Felton to be motivated.

I don't know what's going to happen with Jeremy Lin, and while this wasn't what I was expecting, I am nevertheless optimistic. The next three years are going to be pretty magical, guys.
yea magical as in fire breathing dragons burning down MSG and melting away what could have been a great team.