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Some of you guys are crazy, i'd rather have Felton than Lin at that price.You guys act like Lin is that dude, i'm not paying a project max money.
I'm also not letting an asset walk for absolutely nothing. If the offer was that ridiculous $40M that was reported way back when...yea alright, I'd let him go, cause at that price point, he's more of a liability than an asset.

But this deal? That is essentially free money to sign a player (from a cap standpoint) WHY. NOT?

If we didn't have his Bird Rights, and it's immediately affecting the cap...I'd be with you, but ****....without Lin, our PGs are Kidd and Felton... I'll take a chance on Lin if that's what we have counting against the cap moving forward....the drawback is what exactly? The fact that we don't know that Lin is "that dude" right now?

So? Other than a really interesting conversation piece, what the hell does that have to do with anything?