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Over a 3 year span you don't think the Knicks would generate enough international & domestic marketing interest & additional sales of team merchandise & ticket sales to match the $40M in total combined salary & luxury tax over the 3 year span of his deal? We're talking about what is essentially a net worth of ~$13M per year to the franchise, both in performance & in his marketing appeal globally. I'm not an expert on finance or econ but I have a hard time believing that if Lin were to perform on the level that he did last season overall, that the Knicks wouldn't be able to recoup that kind of investment with international marketing opportunities in Taiwan, China & all the other Asian countries who already consider this kid to be an icon, not to mention all the fans in the US market who have invested heavily into buying up all the Linsanity shirts, caps & jerseys at all the sporting goods stores.

Let's remember that Lin's jersey was among the top selling jerseys in the NBA last year after he busted out. Also let's consider how much Jeremy Lin stood to gain by staying in the world's largest market. Somehow I don't see the same types of corporations coming after him for marketing opps playing in Houston as I would if he were doing it in NYC. I'm pretty sure Kobe Bryant wouldn't be earning the same dollars he's earning on his Nike sneaker deal if he were playing in Charlotte for instance. All throughout the Lebron chase, all we kept hearing about was the added $40M dollar deal that Nike was prepared to invest if he ended up in NYC that summer, & that's not even counting any of the jersey & ticket sales that he would have generated.
This is a what have you done for me lately league Knicks still make jersey sales on Melo and STAT
So in terms of dollars on paper, Lin may have signed himself a more lucrative deal, but in the long run I think he loses out over what he would have gained if he'd signed the original offer sheet & the Knicks matched like they were planning on doing. & I think the Knicks lose out on the marketing opportunities that Linsanity afforded them all last season. The Knicks were the hottest topic in the game & their games became must see television with Linsanity. Now both sides lose out. It's a shame it had to come to this.
What you seem to lose out on is JEREMY LIN SCREWED JEREMY LIN (vince mcmahon voice) The moment he went back to Vegas he sealed his fate he didn't want to be on the knicks so Bon Voyage wish you good luck in your future endeavors. IN NO WAY IS THIS THE KNICKS FAULT And so long as the conversation as shifted from WHEN WILL THE KING GET HIS RING to IT IS TIME CARMELO STEPS UP GET OUT OF THE FIRST ROUND AND GET HIS RING BECAUSE HE IS GETTING PASSED OVER BY HIS PEERS there will never be a shortage of story lines next year