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Absolutely it's all about winning. If we're winning games the Knicks will quickly forget about losing Lin. But you have to admit the excitement he brought to the games, even when the initial Linsanity peak levelled off, was something we will all miss, at least in the first few weeks of the season. In the end I just hope the Knicks are better off without spending that money on Lin, & I hope for his sake that Lin is happy with the decision he made. Something tells me if he could have done things over again, he wouldn't have signed that 2nd offer sheet. But who knows what's going through his head right now. Maybe he's happy to be on a team where he'll be the #1 draw & will have free reign to do his thing again like he was doing when Melo & STAT were injured? If so then I severely misjudged the kid, I thought he was about more than that.
Are there Chinese investors involved with the Rockets? Could be a factor. I know Yao Ming is still intertwined with the franchise, and has undoubtedly been in Lin's ear.