iv been a knicks fan since i got into basketball in my preteen years....33 now.

I take fan team allegiance pretty serious.....being a ranger and knick fan i have always stood by them.

but what this ownership/front office is doing with this team is tantamount to driving the titanic into an iceberg, even when seeing it 2 miles away. I dont think lin was a huge superstar, but he was/is a rising commodity. who in their right mind signs a fat dude and an aging fck up instead of him?

Luckily there is hope. there is a new team in NYC and i may just hop onboard in there inagural year. Even if they have an average front office, im already 2 steps ahead of this clown run circus.

d will, joe johnson, brook lopez and THE dominant center in the league coming at some point? yeh....... GO BKNY

fckin knicks.......