In closely following this forum, in almost EVERY thread someone bashes Carmelo, often multiple people, and I just can't wrap my mind around why. So many people are avid Lin supporters. Don't get me wrong, I love Lin and appreciate the Linsanity stretch he had in which he carried us, but if you're going to jump on a guy's bandwagon because he led us for a few weeks when Melo and Amare were hurt, why bash and blame Melo for all of our problems when he carried us in crunch time when Lin and Amare were hurt to get us into the playoffs. He bought in and played defense, which is what we all begged of him. He shared the ball, even gave more of an effort on the boards. He was the best player in the league for the last month, when we needed it most to make the playoffs. He made his teammates better and created for them, Novak can't create his own shot and we didn't have a true PG, who do you think got him open shots? Melo's triple-double against Boston was a fantastic and clutch performance. I'm just baffled as to why so many people blame and hate our team's best player, especially at a time where he's shown such commitment. Losing weight, working hard and saying all the right things. "It's my time, no more excuses" If anything we should be rallying around Carmelo at this point, because he seems to be in for quite a season and it's something we should all be excited for.