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Nothing personal, but I can't take this seriously.

I am waiting for the person who did call Melo selfish to respond with facts on why he's selfish. And please, no opinions on why you think he's selfish, just facts.

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Nothing is ever personal with me so no worries about this.

I'm not sure what you can't take seriously on that list.

I mean, if I am walking next to a stove and it is hot, I will feel this heat and I will avoid touching it. I won't stand there and request an academic report on the stove to determine if it is dangerous or not.

Facts, how can anyone give facts on Melo quitting on coach? Obviously this is impossible. At the same time, how can anyone that payed attention to Melo's play before and after the coaching change say that he didn't quit on MDA?

The burden isn't on the Melo critics to provide facts, it's on the supporters to provide some type of reasonable proof that he is NOT everything we say he is (selfish, a bum, petulant).

You know, I can tell myself I'm wealthy, tall and smell good all day but when I step into the world this delusion falls apart in the face of cold, hard reality. In the same way, this wishful thinking about Melo will fall apart in the face of the cold, hard reality of the NBA Playoffs.