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    Default Bandwagon Knicks Fans : Burn A Slow Death

    All I have been hearing and reading is how much the Knicks will be sorry for not resigning Lin , not supporting the team, now Rockets fans etc. Thank you very much for showing us all how much of a Bandwagon front running piece of **** you are.

    You are front running for a fad , cult,hyped up D League player who was given the keys to a fast forward offense when our star players were hurt. You people are so sick I don't even know what else to say. We are a way better team with the pickups we made and you are ****ing fake as **** for even registering for this site and calling yourself a Knicks fan. This site is for diehard fans not people like you.

    We are called the New York Knicks not "LINS". If anyone is gonna be sorry its the Rockets and you cult morons who are going to look stupid when this jig is up. He has average speed , jumpshot, and defense at best. He can only drive to the left and kicks the balls or turns it over every three plays.

    85% healthy and wont play...

    Name one player who played in any playoffs who was playing at 100% health. **** Jeremy Lin and **** all you people who are gonna jump on here and flame my post. I am a Die Hard fan and nobody leaving this team will ever make me change that.

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