For the Knicks last season, chemistry and continuity were standout issues. The lack of cognitive coexistence between $40M+ of big 3 and its supporting cast was torturous to us all. The first 3 weeks of the season being an absolute farce, and incredibly disappointing.

Some blamed Mike D (I), others Douglas, others STAT, others Melo, others others.

After experiencing the woes of a team whose MO looked like it had been extracted from a park lavatory last season, we're presumably all a little apprehensive about going in to next season without the cohesion required to strike hard and early on the ever improving Eastern conference.

Let's not forget, BTW, that with the exception of Chandler, it was the absence of others that brought out the best in Lin, STAT and Melo, our 3 most pivotal contributors. Chandler, again, not included. He was the pillar of strength and consistency all season.

Let's exclude Lin from the conversation for now, and bring him up if he is inevitably(?) re-signed.

Any concerns for this Knick team's cohesiveness going in to next season?

Who will truly be the leader, and will they have the gaul to rein in all these vets, superstars, punks (JR) and question marks (Felton)?

It's quite the pool of talent and experience, but put it down to a prediction before it all unfolds before us.

Does this team have cause for concern after another makeover? Let us know why you either agree or disagree.