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Pretty obvious what he's doing.

He's adding 3 pointers around the perimeter and rebounders/defenders in the middle. He has made our team much slower, so we have to play 1/2 court now. This all Very strongly helps Melo's game. 3 Point shooters help melo get spacing (even if they are chuckers), cuz even he passes when people are wide open. Kidd and Felton can both shoot 3's decently. Defenders to cover up the inadequacies of our other players in Kurt + Camby.

Amare is a crap defender, and crap rebounder, that excels in Transition Offense and P&R. He's not a post player that would work in 1/2 court. He has no role on this team.
This has always been Melo's team and I really have no issue with building around our only superstar. But I don't see how Kidd and Felton will be on the court at the same time. Neither one is a SG and both play subbar defense.

As for Stat, you said it all.